The issue of testing for prostate cancer continues to be controversial:

I can also confirm a statement in that article, that high PSA readings can cause a great deal of stress & trauma, even when it turns out they don't represent cancer. That happened to me over a year ago, when my PSA went sky-high very suddenly.

Doctors told me I likely had cancer, and wanted to do a biopsy. I said no, put me on antibiotics first, I've had prostate infections before that can also raise PSA. They reluctantly agreed, and guess what? My PSA dropped back down to within normal range.

But it was a little tense there for a while, with all these "experts" assuring me I likely had cancer. Thank God I have a strong personality and am not easily stampeded by anybody, no matter what their credentials. I remain in charge of myself, and while you can advise me, and I'll listen & evaluate carefully, you can't order me regarding my own health, nor make me panic.

Also a link here to an older RJ thread where the topic of prostate cancer has been previously discussed: