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Vote For This Guy!

No, not for MOD. Gah. Rather, I submitted a condom wrapper design to the folks at ONE Condom Co, and I think it'd be tits to win and get a blatant but tastefully Gay design on it, AND give to the ONE Foundation for Condom distribution in Africa.

icon_redface.gif (Plus, I need the cash...whenever the pay out is, Trust me, I'll need it).

ONE Condoms Design Contest:


Link Above Should Work, OR If you go to the Company Site and click "Rate Designs, Then Open Division, I'm on the 12th page icon_confused.gif , User: Romero129, titled: "I've Got" (The "One" was either implied or cut out of the title).

Give me a damn 5 if you like it, or a 4 if you hate it. Or, submit your own design; I don't give a care. Lots of the submissions are kinda bunk and/or Not original or privately owned designs, So it'd be cool to get more dude-On-dude themed submissions in the running.

HURRY TO THE POLES! This round of voting ends May 31st!

What's in it for You if I win? A pizza party and safe sex for all!