Suffering from anxiety and in need of motivation for going back to the gym

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    Apr 04, 2011 1:03 AM GMT
    Note: Since English is not my first language I apologize in case of any mistake.

    I intend to go back to the gym, but I’m facing some issues regarding motivation. I’ve read some books about bodybuilding/gaining weight (BTW do you think scrawny to brawny works?) and I feel very anxious and overwhelmed by the amount of time dedicated to the training, cooking etc. In most of the situations when I started going to the gym, I would get involved with work, I'd feel that I didn't have enough time, I couldn't do it and then I'd stop going. Being the skinniest guy there is also odd to me (that’s why I haven’t posted any body pic here). I’m aware of the health benefits of working out, but in most cases, I start it for vanity, but that makes me uncomfortable because the motivation doesn’t last. I feel like a failure for leaving. That makes me depressed and anxious. Well, I am trying to go back (yes, I want to be active, I don’t like being so skinny) Is there anybody out there that has gone through a similar situation? What do you think? What have you done? (If not, what kind of advice would you give?)
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    Apr 04, 2011 1:56 AM GMT
    Dude, go to the gym, work out, look good, feel good, enjoy the attention you will get.

    I've been in two LTRs with guys I met at the gym. Half the fun is checking out the other guys. You'll meet people and make friends, straight and gay. Even the straight guys love getting a compliment for the work they've done. It's good energy at a gym.

    Don't worry about it.
  • musicdude

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    Apr 04, 2011 2:07 AM GMT
    I also started hitting the gym cause i felt too skinny. at the beginning it was pretty on and off. i'd have periods of like a month or two where i was regular every week but then i start going once a week or just not following my schedule. it stayed like that for a few years. finally, one summer i move to a different city (just for the summer) in order to work for the government. i found that once on my own, having a regular schedule with work and being in a new city where i didn't know many people, i really got to focus on myself. i worked out hard core three times a week and joined a ultimate frisbee league plus every night i made myself a big healthy meal (which also counted as the next days lunch). with that almost four months of regular exercise and good eating (even though i had already started gaining the weight) i went from feeling skinny to feeling like stud (even if i had only gained like 10 to 15 pounds). being active and the healthy diet just made me happier and i saw myself physically in a different way. since then its been a lot easier to find the motivation to keep hitting the gym and eating well.

    once you realize and feel the benefits of an active and healthy life style, that's what becomes your motivation to keep doing it. you just need to power through the beginning. its always the hardest part
  • delthespaz

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    Apr 04, 2011 2:49 AM GMT
    What I found that worked that best for me in getting my ass to the gym was to write an agenda on what I would accomplish for each workout day. Often I would plan my workouts for the week on Sundays in a text editor. When I get lazy, I plan at least my Monday workout.

    The day of, I would write out my planned workout for the day on a post it note. I put that post it note on the cover of my workout log which I bring with me to the gym. That way I don't have to open the log book to check on the agenda. I'd write down notes of my workout on the same post it so I can write them back to my workout log when my hands aren't shaking.

    The whole procedure of typing my workout, and writing it each day commits myself to taking time out to accomplish this for me for the day.
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    Apr 04, 2011 5:16 AM GMT
    You know I was pretty scrawny myself (and I still am). What really got meat on my bones was when I started doing Capoeira. You're working so many different muscles and places on your body, places you didn't even know had musclesicon_lol.gif I started to kind of fill out I guess.

    I've started lifting weights on my own recently but that's just to help some upper body stuff I want to do in gymnastics and parkour. I personally don't care for the gym, I would rather be doing something where I'm learning or being "active" (like hiking, or climbing, etc..)

    Don't get me wrong I totally want to be a beef cake and I'm going to start getting more weights and I totally understand why people go to the gym. Just that maybe you want to try some stuff that helps with your confidence.

    A friend from school started taking Capoiera with me when he found out I did it, he has Asperger's and he very very very thin and lanky. He's always wanted any type of female attention and well he definitely has it now. He's big pimpin now and it's not because he's particularly good (he's how you say...pesado) but he gained a lot of pride in doing something he didn't think he could do.

    Maybe you should try getting into something. I don't like sports but apparently I'm pretty athletic so when no one is looking I'll pretend I can play basketball or soccer or baseball. Things that involved running, jumping, and hitting. I love hitting. I think you should try something that you like to do so that you'll do it for fun rather than for vanity or exercise and then you'll turn around and be buff and not even realize.

    I say skip the gym and come play Capoiera with me icon_cool.gif
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    Apr 08, 2011 1:52 AM GMT
    Thank you very much for your answers, guys. I really appreciate the support. As, you all said, I guess the discipline, and enjoying the sport (such as capoeira. Obrigado irmão icon_biggrin.gif) is the key.