My current Gym, NKCCC in Northtowne, has been letting facility maintenance slide for a while for bureaucratic crap reasons, and so when my membership runs out this summer, I'm thinking of switching to somewhere else.

Any suggestions for a nice gym in KC?

My criteria are:
Large selection of machines, and cardio equipment.
Clean/modern facility
Indoor lap lanes and hottub
Towel service would be nice!
Large lockers, and a locker room floor that's not terribly slippery when wet.
Open 24 hours and holidays would really be nice too.

NKCCC's a municipal "park" somehow, so while it's cheap, its closed on MLK for example, and maintenance is on the parks department, who has no business running a gym. The location can't be beat for me, but aside from that, I want to know if I can do any better.

Oh yeah, a larger percentage of hot guys in their 20's wouldn't be bad either.