So I just posted this to my Facebook as I came across it, and figured it might be fun to share here as well.

For the background, in the late 1950's the Dutch auto manufacturer DAF invented the automatic transmission system that is known as the first continuously variable transmission - called "variomatic". The effect of this transmission was that the top speed of the car going backwards was the same as going forward.

Needless to say that it didn't take long for somebody to come up with the idea of racing it backwards.

In case you speak Dutch, don't pass up on the last half of the video, as there's some pretty hilarious commentary - one from the guy who is the caretaker of the grass surrounding the race track (you hear the guy going "My grass! That's my grass!" a couple times.

This video is material shot at the Zandvoort F-1 racing track near to Haarlem (I grew up hearing the roars from the track whenever it was West wind) in 1974.