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    Apr 06, 2011 3:40 PM GMT

    so last weekend couple of friends, me and my BF we're on a home party
    some friends drank a lot and 2 of them started to get agressive.

    then they wanted to fight but i tried to smooth down the situation.

    As i asked my other friends why they wanted to fight they said the one was jealous because his ex-best friend had a new friend who was his new best friend hmm.. lol kinda infantile i know

    so yesterday i was hanging out with my BF and another friend and we talked about that night.
    We made fun about them and then my BF said something what i didnt appreciated.

    he said "sometimes you are also like them. when i'm with other friends you get jealous and you start getting bitchy" then he loughed and said it was a joke

    i couldnt lough about it at all and I know when he says something and tries to hide it as a joke he is lying

    the whole night i was thinking about his words and my conclusion is that i'm truly jealous...

    everytime i see he's loughing with other ppl i make myself believe he doesnt care about me, why is he excluding me etc

    i get really mad but i never said something about this

    the problem is, I'm not jealous that he is betraying me.
    my problem is that i want him just for me but i cant expect him to do that
    i have the fear of loosing him, but i know this wont happen and that he thinks I'm boring...
    but the fear is still there

    this only happens when we're with other friends but when we are alone its perfect his attention is only fixed on me...

    How can I get rid of this problem? icon_sad.gif
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    Apr 06, 2011 10:49 PM GMT
    You need to trust him and to believe that you're good enough for him. It doesn't sound like you're jealous. It sounds like you have this feeling of inadequacy. You need to believe in your self more. I wish you the best.