Unplggd's "Five Favorite Android Apps For Health, Diet & Exercise"

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    Apr 07, 2011 4:03 PM GMT

    MyFitnessPalGreat for calorie counting, MyFitnessPal has a barcode scanning option that automatically logs in food info, and lets you track particular food qualities such as fiber. Use the PC, web and phone app versions together.

    FatSecret is a calorie counter and meal planner, designed to help you manage your daily caloric intake with the goal of losing weight. Simple interface displays calories remaining so you always know what you can and can't eat.

    JEFIT If you need a gym log or an exercise reference, JEFIT is the app to grab. Designed by serious bodybuilders, it tracks your gym activities and provides graphs for your workouts and body stats. Sync with your PC for easier management and data entry.

    CardioTrainer is the first mobile Google Health partner, and comes highly recommended. Excellent for planning workouts, tracking your walking and running, and it integrates music and offers voice feedback as you go along. Compatible with Polar's Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor.

    RunKeeper Another great exercise tracker, RunKeeper lets you track all of your physical activities and upload them to their website for easier management. It also uses GPS to track your runs, measures your distance and time, and overlays your route on a map.

    What Android apps do you use for health, fitness, diet and exercise?
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    Apr 07, 2011 6:20 PM GMT
    I had asked the same question last year when I first got my Android phone... I first tried Cardio Trainer, but found that it was not very usable for treadmill walkers like myself (even though you could tell the program that you were walking on a treadmill, I had to always manually put in my results after working out).

    Right now I am using FatSecret; it's pretty good, but I wish it has a category for water intake. I would like to try MyFitnessPal and see how it compares with FatSecret.
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    Apr 07, 2011 6:44 PM GMT
    What I like about Jetfit is their section on excersies. Not only does it provide different moves for every bodypart(freeweights & machines), but it actually shows how the movement is done. Most important when you're trying a new exercise and not sure how to do it properly.