(Realizing that with my username there are many places this thread could go...)

So I have been paying a little attention to this so called campaign and election in Canada. What I have noticed is that ALL of the parties have returned to pretending that the west does not exist. Harper has not set foot in Calgary (where he has his riding.) Iggy has not set foot in Alberta (he is confirming his support for the oil sands while campaigning in Newfoundland), and Layton kicked off his campaign in their only riding in Alberta (Edmonton) but has shown no signs of returning.

My local (conservative) candidate, Deepak Obhari has outright said that he will not take part in any local candidate debates. According to him, he would sooner spend his time “walking around his riding and meeting people.” I have yet to see a single political sign on any lawn, boulevard or sidewalk for any party or see any campaign literature. The liberals and NDP have not even chosen their candidates for every Alberta riding yet.

Saskatchewan (soon to be a major economy in Canada between their Uranium, Potash and soon, oil sands production) has yet to see the leader of the conservatives or liberals step foot in their province (much to Laytons credit, I believe he is the only leader to touch the soil in Alberta and Saskatchewan so far this campaign.) As much as the Reform party was mostly a right wing protest party, they did put the West on the map for a short time. We have apparently returned to second class citizens where the Conservatives assume they will get voted in and the other parties don't see fit to expend any funds or energy trying to reverse this trend.

Since 1968 Calgary has not elected a Liberal. I understand that Iggy knows full well he is unlikely to have a candidate elected in this city. However, when we are easily one of the top 5 cities in terms of economic importance in the country I would think he could stop to say “hi” to his liberal supporters in this city. While the Conservatives will get in, he does have supporters here. Also, if he want to be the leader of the country I would think that completely ignoring two or three provinces indicates that he is not worthy of the title (nor is Harper at this point.) I will not be voting for a man who can not be bothered to defend his positions in a debate (Deepak,) and I will not vote for any party who pretends that my region does not exist. I have said it before, I will be writing “none of the above” across my ballot on election day.

Over and over we are told as children what an honour it is to be able to vote for a leader who will represent us. We are told to pay attention to politics as it affects our daily lives. Then when it comes time to vote we are completely ignored by the very parties and people who we are told to watch. So I will turn out to vote... if for not other reason than to show my appreciation for the veterans who defended that right. On the other hand, I will not put an X beside the name of any person who has done nothing to earn the right to represent me...

Yet another wasted campaign filled with promises to be broken, vile rhetoric and outright lies by every party.

***Edit: I think that Harper may have hit Saskatchewan once. I also left Manitoba out of the "west". I think Harper is the only one so far to have visited that province, and spent half a day there... (though I could be wrong.)