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    Many of you wonder why I post certain threads on here, well I have my personal reasons, also it helps pass the time until I get out of the military, I was going to pass the time quietly but it seems some in the military establishment I work for and other arms of the government are intent on carrying on their mental coercion, who knows they might attempt to kill me (although that would bring serious problems for them), you see I am the target of a sophisticated mental coercion and psychological operation, which involves the people with whom I work with and although they can change their velcro name tapes to hide their identity, I none the less know who they are ( those that wear velco name tapes that is), who knows the operation might have started months or even years ago (I however know the truth).

    I would not recommend the military as a career for any one, there is a lot of independent and divergent interests that control the levers of power within the establishment, kind of like a many headed hydra, and because they chose to point their blades at me for no apparent reason but to be malicious, or try to make me into some useless tool, I took and documented very copious notes.

    The establishment is segregated along racial and ethnic lines by mos, most minorities are thrown in what they call combat service support or support MOS's (military occupational specialties), You will find very few minorities in the combat arms MOS's, such as 11B (Infantry), 13F(forward Observers),11C (Mortar man), etc, those are dominated by the caucasians usually from the south and mid west, if there is a minority in the bunch they have to go through the gauntlet (adopt the right wing republican and evangelical christian world view or simply be religious), which it so happens to that conservative African-Americans and Hispanic Americans, especially from the south are of that caliber. Thus they are the minorities you see in power and move up the ranks easier within the establishment. My MOS is 13F, although the powers that be made sure that I not move beyond the rank of E5 within that specialty, I was marked for life.

    If you are not of the required breed then you go through another gauntlet, my next thread; How mental coercion and psychological operations are performed on helpless and some not so helpless soldiers within the establishment and the story of my mental coercion.
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    Apr 11, 2011 12:48 PM GMT
    Alzo, I am locked in a struggle for my mental faculties, although it is no struggle for me, only for my would be tormentors and detractors, their folly, fickleness and evilness is of no concern or care to me, for I am an intellectual human being who understands the impermanence of all things. and for the African-American soldiers who partake in this non-sense, they should be ashamed of themselves (I have no love or care for them-I give those to only those who are deserving of it regardless of race), but just because we have the same skin color means nothing to me, for I never really saw the color of skin as an impediment to human interaction, that would fit in the realm of racists. It is my intention to repay them the same hostility with which they direct towards me, but I will do it in a legal a civilized way.