idk if to make a move.... is it a date?

  • helios01

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    Apr 12, 2011 8:18 AM GMT
    Okay so as you guys remember My best friend's ex asked me to dinner and today he asked me to a movie and i got him dinner icon_smile.gif
    it was so fun.... we have so much in common in how to live and stuff we like. he is so dorky and it makes me smile .... but is it just a friendly relationship?
    At the movie he didn't make a single move... but when he dropped me off he got out of the car and walked me to the door... how gentleman like..... should i make the first move?

    how can you tell if he is interested in you romantically? when i told him we should go out again... he told me to call him.... message him... idk what to do.

    thanx for your help... i am in such a good mood...... icon_smile.gif
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    Apr 12, 2011 9:23 PM GMT
    You need to find out his intentions.

    The way I date nowadays...matter fact, before I even meet up with anyone I find out why are they interested in hanging out with me. You don't have to say, "what are you intentions?" But you need to know where you stand. Is it a date? Are we just hanging out as friends? Ask him.

    For years, I've met and dated people without finding out their intentions and then I'd end up expecting something that wasn't even expected. Don't be in limbo, find out...

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    Apr 12, 2011 9:35 PM GMT
    I'm assuming (SORRY if I'm wrong) that you like this guy. If that's the case, tell him that you like him. To sort of go along the lines of what Brianindenver said, you should let him know where you stand if that's what you feel. It at least let's him know where you stand and if he likes you, it's the perfect opportunity for him to tell you icon_smile.gif

    And from what you said, it sounds like he doesn't know where you stand. If you like him, you should tell him. If for nothing more than to clarify things.

    And if you don't know how you feel about him, the you need to figure out your own intentions first before you find his.

    Finally, I don't want to bud into things, but how would your best friend feel about all of this? And there's got to be some reason your best friend is no longer dating this guy. Go to your best friend about it. Your best friend may tell you some really important news. It's always important to be open and say what is necessary.
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    Apr 13, 2011 3:37 PM GMT
    Okie dokie i am going to ask him out to a movie.... omg so nervous lol.
    then take him to dinner.... then ill fit it in that i like him.... Hopefully He does like me and i dont make a fool of myself...

    as for my friend.... they dated 2 years ago and he says he has no feelings for him at all now..... they are friends.... but that is what he said a year ago... then on valentines day he broek down to me because his ex was leaving to moscow for a year and how he had feelings for him.... so i dont know if to believe him.... and i feel bad.... but before he went out with his ex.... i kinda had a thing for his ex... and i never told him.... Dont know how to tell him... if i tell him at all....