Need Advice On Some "Toys"

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    Apr 13, 2011 6:52 PM GMT
    And no, I'm not talking about slings, dildoes and those kinds of "toys" either!

    There are four electronic goodies I do not own, but would love to have and I need everyone's input on which brands to get and the benefits (or lack of) for owning them. I want:

    1. An iPod or a similar Mp3 player. I do not have one and need to know if the Apple version is better than those out there. What's the difference between a "touch" and some of the others? Recommendations are needed!

    2. When I get the iPod/Mp3, I cannot use the ear buds that come with it. I am really prone to ear infections and my ear canals are really narrow and small to begin with. Therefore, I would like headphones instead. I understand I can use them with an iPod/Mp3, but which ones to buy? I have heard not to buy the Bose ones, but to get other brands. What do you guys suggest and would they be okay to use while walking/being on the treadmill?

    3. I am the only person in the world that does not have a DVD/DVR player. Truthfully, I do not watch that much TV anyway, but there are some shows I do like and they all come on the same night---at the same time! I would prefer a unit where I could watch DVDs and record shows. I assume there is such an animal out there, right? Again, which brand is the best?

    4. Last on my wish list would either be a Kindle or a Nook. I know there was a separate forum on this not long ago, but I wanted to get some updates from the guys that own them. Actually, I still like the idea of going to the library to check out the books I want (free that way--get some return on my tax dollars), however, it would be kinda nice to pack along when (or these days, "if") I take a vacation. Which is better? From the feedback I have on this already, it is split down the middle between the two.

    Thanks guys and you're probably thinking I'm either living under a rock or deprived as hell for not having any of this (actually, I'm both), but I need some suggestions and feedback.
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    Apr 13, 2011 10:46 PM GMT
    As far as a device to store music, I definitely would go with an iPod. The specific model I'd recommend would depend on what you plan to use it for. For example, I have a shuffle, nano, and a touch. There is also the classic iPod which I don't own. If you have a large music collection and want to be able to pretty much store your entire music library on the device, I'd suggest the classic. The benefits of the shuffle and nano are that they are much smaller and lighter. I use the shuffle at the gym because it is very small and light and I can just clip it to my clothes. It has less storage capacity than the nano but still can store about 500 songs. I like it because it is pretty inexpensive and if I lose it or accidently put it in the washer, it isn't as big a deal as a more expensive device. If you plan to store movies, then go with the touch as it is sort of like an iPhone but without the phone.

    Hope this helps. I'll let some of the other guys chime in on the other devices.