Hey guys! I started having anal intercourse a few months back with my bf. I've only ever tried it..say 5 to 7 times? It started off painful as hes really big. I thought it would get better, but sadly till now it can be painful and when it isn't its uncomfortable. The pain is like the kind of sensitive pain...the kinda pain that you get after eating really spicy mexican food the night before. when it is not painful per se, it is not nice either. I feel like I just want him out. It feels like there is something there that makes me uncomfortable. I do love it when he fingers me while wanking or sucking me off. Is it possible that some guys are just not meant to be bottoms? I really want to continue trying. Seeing as my bf is a pure top, not being able to bottom may be detrimental to our relationship. please advice on how I could improve it!