Eric Cantor Runs Interference for Bibi (Netanyaho) Let the AIPAC Propaganda begin to Interfere with Obama's efforts for Middle East Peace

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    Apr 17, 2011 4:08 PM GMT
    According to MJ Rosenberg, Senior Foreign Policy Fellow, Media Matters Action Network, in his article Eric Cantor Runs Interference for Bibi on the Huffington Post, Eric Cantor has invited Netanyahu to speak to congress before a joint session, just prior to Obama's major speech outlining a new Middle East Peace strategy soon.

    "This is one of the benefits of having a repub house at the same time that a Likud prime minister is in office in Israel. The two right-wing parties can work together to thwart any Dem president's attempt to advance U.S. national security by brokering Middle East peace".

    "The last time this happened was in the 1990's, when Bill Clinton was Pres, Newt Gingrich was speaker, and the self-same Netanyahu was Israels Prime Minister, Netanyahu, joyously anticipating Clintons defeat for a second term, worked with the Repubs to subvert Clinton. Douglas Bloomfield, AIPAC's long-time lefislative director, recalled:"

    "No Israeli leader was as adept at playing partisan American politics, nor as disruptive as the American-eductated Netayahu, who understood the politics of divided government. Even before becoming prime minister, he joined forces with Gingrich against common enemies: then Pres Bill Clinton, Rabin and the Oslo peace process. Their goal was to make sure all three failed"

    "Cantor, who is not only a pro-Likud zealot but has also publicly admitted that he would use his position to help Netanyahu withstand any pressure from his own President" "Eric stressed that the new Repub majority will serve as a check on the Administration"

    "Reporting on the Cantor statement, Jewish Telegraphic Agency correspondent Ron Kampeas wrote, "I can't remember an opposition leader telling a foreign leader, in a personal meeting, that he would side as a policy, with the leader against the president"

    Here we have a great example of the lengths that AIPAC and its 'right arms' will go to to forward ZIONST FANATICISM from here in the US to see that the likes of Netanyahu gets their way in Israel in spite of all the wrongs being committed in continueing Settlement building projects.

    By the way, Netanyahu is seeking another $20 billion in US "donations" !!! Lets see how many repub deficit hawks jump on giving it to them. If Americans Knew the bullshit that goes on that is forwarding the atrocities by the Israeli leaders who are the ZIONIST FANATIC aggressors against the Palestinians, I wonder if there wouldn't be a very loud outcry against this effort. What do you think? Should we be supporting Netanyahu with such gifts? shouldn't the public be calling out Cantor for such actions ?
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    Apr 17, 2011 4:16 PM GMT
    P.S. It is no more Anti Jew for a person to point this out, than it is Anti American for me to point out that Cantor is dead wrong in his actions against his Presidents Peace efforts.