Hey guys I have to go to Montreal for a training weekend and decided to make a trip out of it. I am going to stop in Toronto for a couple days since I have never been to Canada other than Windsor right across the border. I am planning on staying in a backpackers unless any of you wanna share a spare couch or room?!? I will be arriving May 31st and there till June 2nd. I am not out but wanted to try experiencing a gay bar while I am there and would love some locals to hang out with, grab a beer, show me what's good while I'm there since I only have two full days. I am laid back, easy going, and fun to be around so if any of you all are interested in grabbing a beer with a down to earth Kentucky guy, let me know. First shout is on me!

OR if you can't meet up any pointers on what to see or do would be great also.