Lost friend, lost love, lost...? Your own story...

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    Apr 20, 2011 9:00 PM GMT
    As teenagers he & I used to sit in his family home's den and watch Laugh-In and Sonny & Cher on TV after coming in from a motorcycle ride in the late 1960s. His Jewish parents didn't like me, and tried to discourage me from being there, since their son never dated girls, nor did I.

    He & I also camped together, and went canoeing & fishing, took trips to Cape Cod where we also fished on the ocean. We were inseparable, always together. He was brilliant, the only kind of guy who would interest me. He was notable for getting a perfect 1600 on his SATs, whereas I could only manage high 1500s. (i always claimed I was undone by trick questions)

    But we never did anything gay, though in retrospect I think that's what his parents feared, and why they tried to discourage our friendship. I suppose we were both in denial; I now know I was.

    He enlisted in the US Army in the Spring of 1969, and I was so jealous of him wearing his uniform when he visited me on a weekend pass during his Basic Training that it became part of the reason I enlisted myself in June of that year.

    He left the Army crippled after he had a parachute malfunction, and we never rode bikes together again. Then he moved down to North Carolina (no place for a Jew), and today I can't find his name anywhere on the Internet. I assume he's dead.

    So what is your story of lost loves, lost friends, lost opportunities?
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    Apr 21, 2011 1:54 AM GMT
    I met a guy back in Phoenix years ago. I was very put off by him at first because he was so forward with compliments and saying how he wanted to date me. WELL, I finally decided just to be his mistress for a summer.

    When he was in town he would txt or call me. I would drop whatever/whoever I was doing to go see him. We were done within a few hours and I was on my way. We would chat a bit about life and such, and I honestly started to really like him. He told me that I wasn't the dating type.

    He was also incredibly wealthy, brilliant, and cold. I still look for his name every now and then. I'd jump on that any day. I wrote a piano sonata about him tooicon_smile.gif

    -Ahhh the summer of love
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    Apr 21, 2011 2:29 AM GMT
    Wow, this seems so long ago. Me and my first love used to blow up shit in drainage ditches, break into the Point Mallard "clubhouse"'s pool around 2am every morning, drink until the sun came up with a bunch of other friends in the middle of the woods while camping (yes this was my age 14-17), and even watch as some of our friends totally torched this huge deserted building (looong story...)

    I will never forget the way he would suck my finger when I pointed at him...

    I went to college... He got married ( TO A WOMAN)... and we are still really quite good friends although we only joke around in passing.

    He will always have a place close to my heart. My little monkey (yes he was the original one Rick) icon_cry.gif