Dear all,
I have just registered here because I have read some stuff that makes me really want to share the problem that really hurts me these days. I will start from the begining please bare with me as it might be a little long just to give you a view on it.
I have been chatting with a guy through the internet for about 2 months before I met him he was like a good personality, kind, and knows what he want (Im 25yo and he's 23yo). He was using a topic saying that he is a "hard man, very hard, but have heart viry big heart" I just was okay and asked him whats he is into. He told me that he is single and he is also had fight with his friends and nobody in his life which was seems to be empty before he started working ofcourse. So he is looking for the one and was so into it. We had great communication in the internet. After two months I decided to call him and meet up, so we met the same day and it took us around 8 hours together imagen how long as the connection was good as it seems. So the day after and after but the other days he was a bit late. In a week, well actually since the first month we've been talking I felt like i'm so into him and something tells me to confess how much I like him and feel safe around him. I think that was the big mistake that I've made. However, I asked him do you like me, he said why would I go out with you if I dont' so I started what I feel I said it all that I like him and it was the first time I felt this was (And it's true first time ever) and I feel safe with him. So he was like amazed and I took his hand and hold it and he was excited and happy. However, after two days we met again, I mean every day we text each others and taking care mostly me asking if he needs anything or if he slept well and so on. Back to the subject, we went out the day after, ad he was like using the phone texting most of the time keeping me waiting while he finish as all about work. He asked me is there is something wrong, so I said no but he insisted so I told him you're taking too much time texting and im here which you supposed to forget many things and so on. So he said its work, so i passed it, before I left him the same day, I saw a tatto Letter in his hand so I asked him about it (As he told me he was in love with a girl for 6 years and he left her and changed his mind and realised that he is gay now) so I told him it was a childesh thing and you were a teenager but I was like a jelouse and I realized when I left him what the hell I've done. So I called him in an hour apologizing and he told me don't make fun of my past and so on, but I apologized from my heart. So he said its okay don't worry. but the next day i didnt receive anything from him. I called him the night and told him are you still mad. he said no, so i told him to meet up. he said ok. So I met him and told him whats wrong and so. he said I have my own life and I think its too soon and i dont feel like being like that and we just know each others, so we'll stay as friends and see what will happens. obviously everything changed. I talked to him on the phone after and told him leave me I dont like to be with a person who don't want to have feeling for me so he said why would I I like you and its not fair (yeah right!!). somehow bullshit judging me this was. So he said we need time more for that and so on. I kinda realized that this is his real character. So the msgs began to be normal and less than before. So in a week he turns to be back a little asking about me and i reply, but we dont see each others like usual. And he never asks me out even from the first day so I always start it. So I called him told him if you're still mad I'm again sorry and I really like you and care about you, I really want to be with you and so on. I told him also why you're getting back he told me I don't know and all bullshit words and so. So in a week msgs and normal writings until i met him last week. I don't know why when I meet him I dont want to leave him I'm so into him and I think I love a person who don't have feelings for me anymore. So we talked normally he was a bit rude and I think he made some fun by saying let's get married! He also told me do you love me in a funny way, and repeated that several times. But told me dont get mad because it's late and sometimes I do bullshits but I said its okay so we normal and fun talk. I told him my arms hurt he touched it and bite it lol I loved that and he said mine too so i touched it but didn't bite it. Many things like rediculous things been said I don;t know if what he ment to make fun of my feelings. a day after I texted him but he didnt respond for like 5 hours so I called him he claims that his phone credits is out and he didnt left home so he was talking like a child I asked him why did you tell me more than one time when we met if I love you. so said I was joking and stuff so I told him why do you work alot as he told me to forget things and I realized that he have many problems but he said normal things not to be taken care of so ok. since I called him 3 days ago and until now I didn;t receive any msg non calls like usual. I don't know what to do. I think off him every minutes I love this person who I dont' know why is he doing this to me. I said why would I text or call as texting him last time with no reply might says something. What should I do. I'm hurt and really need you guys to hint me with things I dont want to leave him and I dont; want to be turtured with this person who took a piece of my heart Please advice