Sort of Long-Distance Relationship

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    Apr 24, 2011 7:07 AM GMT
    First and foremost, Happy Easter to one and all icon_smile.gif

    I've been talking to a man I like for about six months now. I like him a lot but being so far apart has put quite a strain on both of us. Technically, we're both single and haven't made any promises to one day be involved and live happily ever after. He lives in Florida and I live New York City so during the whole time we've been communicating with each other we've never met in person. And with our obligations to work, school and home we really don't have the time to visit the other.

    To me the problem is more than just distance. I find a kind of disconnect when I sometime speak to him: either I'm not all there mentally or emotionally. We have really good conversations, but it's sometimes to few and far in between. The last important one we had was my need to focus more seriously on my education and to wholeheartedly follow my passions despite the obstacles in the road.

    I feel bad because it feels like I really don't care for him the way I should or the way he deserves. We send messages and text to each other to inspire, encourage, and most of all let the other know that we care.

    All of this makes me feel bad because he's not physically present, Even if we weren't a match I'd rather confirm that in person and move on than to continue admiring him from a far. All in all, I'm trying to maintain a "whatever happens, happens" attitude to avoid feeling bad no matter what the outcome.

    I wonder if this is worth pursuing any further.
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    Apr 24, 2011 7:50 AM GMT
    I'm surprised you guys been able to go on that long without ever meeting each other. I have to meet someone in order to maintain interest.

    I also spoke about a long-distance type thing in another post. I generally don't like to do them because most people can't afford weekly flights to see each other. But I gave it a go and look what happened. I'm alone and bored on Easter weekend.

    I'm going to give you a shovel, and I'll take mine...and we are going to DUMP each of our long distance flings. Tell him, goodbye! You're in New York, I'm in Denver...there's plenty of guys waiting for us than to hang around for some out of town chump to come visit us.
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    Apr 24, 2011 1:44 PM GMT
    Sure !!!! GO FOR IT!

    I was in long distance for 2 years man!

    It all comes down to this: If you really love someone ENOUGH, time doesn't matter. Time flies by and seems like it's standing still.... Geographical distance doesn't matter either because one day opportunity will arise and with sensible planning ,in the end, with enough effort from both of you, life will bring you both together !

    The secret is you both have to want it bad enough for it to happen or it aint gonna happen man!

    Being emotionally or mentally detached for short periods of time here and there are also normal.. That happened to me... it's cos you realise its "just the internet" and it aint real... but it IS REAL... he is a real person too just like you doing his own every day things wherever he is!! He thinks about you too! ....It used to get me down when all we had was the 'internet chat' to 'see' each other...

    Best thing I ever did was take a short vacation and go see him or vice versa... THAT will end a lot of your doubts. Mark it in your calendar and diary, make it a priority that year!

    It's been 6 months for you and him!
    It took me about 1 year and a half before we finally met in person cos we were so busy all of the time, and dude, it was the best thing I ever did in my life!
    We both had work and study and it was hard... I finally decided what would be the best thing to do?... One of us has decided to move ... It's take us 2 years but it's happening!

    There is a time for everything! ...sometimes you just have to wait for it