Propaganda is the use of a made up story or false manipulation of a true story for the purpose of influencing the masses in unknown directions for hidden purposes, most often to hide 'inconvenient' truths to promote something more 'convenient' to believe in .

First example, Easter, Christians all over the world are celebrating what originated as a Pagan Fertility Holiday and Celebration of the Spring Equinox, but Emperor Constantine feigned Christanity to consolidate his Pagan and ever growing numbers of Christan populations under one religion and rule, it kept down conflicts and made him Quite popular.

Most christians don't put it together that the easter egg and rabbits fertility symbolism on Easter has anything to do with Pagans, they go to church thinking its all about Celebrating Christs death and resurection, then come home to an easter egg hunt and a gift of chicks or a rabbit for the kids, then will get defensive if the truth about the holiday is told them

Much of what we accept in our daily lives as fact is in 'fact' not true and may do us harm in holding as truth. Is there a "Propaganda" story that particularly rankles you, or a bit of "Propaganda" that you'd like to inform us about ? Tell us ! it will be interesting and infromative.