Just blowing off some steam here... but some thoughts...

Is it possible that the USA will not survive in its current form by 2036?

There are a number of things coming together over the next generation (I'm arbitrarily setting a generation as 25 years) that will result in the dissolution of the present Republic (as based upon the current Constitution).

The exact nature of this dissolution need not necessarily mean that some continuance of a political construct known as the "United States of America" is impossible; in fact I am fairly certain that it is likely that some collection of states consisting of a "rump of America" will continue on with that name much as Russia continues to exist as a rump of the former Soviet Union.

It is time for us to consider that the end of the Republic is a distinct possiblity, and perhaps even probable.

We have a budget/debt crisis that looks to be unsolvable, even if it were possible to "tax the rich and the corporations" at 90% or higher levels (and this assumes that they simply wouldn't flee the country, or more likely, hire more lawyers and accountants to sequester their wealth out of reach of the IRS).

We have a nearly uncontrollable problem with illegal immigration, as municipalities and states and even the federal government refuse to enforce the existing immigration laws, and as violence from accross our southern border spills over into our territory. Subtle revanchist attitudes from people and groups that recall and seek to rectify an injustice from nearly 180 years ago in the form of the lands ceded to the United States as according to the Treaty of Hildago Guadalupe - the so-called "Reconquista" of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas.

Certain Texan leaders have quietly breathed threats of secessionism, and some radicals in the Pacific Northwest as well as New Hampshire and South Carolina have batted around the idea; the League of the South is no stranger to the idea either. Riding not far under the surface of these specific secessionist notions is the tightly wrapped cultural prejudices and perhaps even racist thinking that is kept safely pummeled down by the current commonly accepted "good behaviour" that prevents most people from voicing such rubbish. Naturally, it bears mentioning that no one people group is without the sin of racism of some sort, be it any shade of skin colour or ethnicity.

Ordinarily, anyone voicing such secessionist ideas would be considered crackpots, radicals, and even outright traitors to be hung with the same rope that put paid the crimes of those conspirators who took Lincoln's life.

But with a crumbling economy, skyrocketing fuel costs (largely brought on by a combination of a weakening national fiat currency of increasingly questionable worth) and a general crisis of confidence in leadership from either party - can we keep that Republic that Mr. Franklin warned us about?

Will the Tree of Liberty drink blood anew to keep her roots nourished, or is she already a rotted hulk of worm-ridden wood fit only for cutting down for the compost heap?

Currently, the most likely route to dissolution that I can see will be brought on by a total collapse of the economy - Weimar style hyperinflation and riots brought on by people priced out of commodities as basic as food, power, and shelter. Never mind keeping a job or that SUV or cable... when buying one's daily bread runs into the tens of thousands of dollars, there very well will be repercussions.

It is possible that debasing the currency and bringing in a new fiat currency will be the most likely route; but with no other nations willing to support a once-great financial power that defaulted on its debts... it would not be a far cry for us to wind up debasing the currency several times as Zimbabwe has done.

What do you think?

Is it already too late, or will our leaders (both D's and R's) wake up before it is too late?