Anyone else get this one?

The original:

"wow!you are! impressive !how sexy are you!!!!your photos are lovely!!!u look great!i want to see your private photos...i am sure that after that my dreams come man with a hansome figure...icon_smile.gif;P"


Wow! You are (How philosophical.) (Unrelated subject) Impressive. How sexy are you? (He must have vision problems, can't he judge my appearance based on my pictures?) Drool drool blah blah blah (Huh? Didn't he just implicitly admit to vision problems?) I wanna see your peacock because I am really desperate to look at images of naked men on the internet. This is because I am too stupid to use google or bookmark a few Tumblrs. I will fail at coming onto a stranger yet again, and conclude this message with the emoticon equivalent of a harlequin baby.

Share your funny ones and try to translate them GOGOGO