So I've been strength training pretty consistently for about five years now. For the first three of those I was taking either a pre workout supplement (NO-xplode, superpump), a post workoput protein shake, or both at any given time. At the time it helped me move to a whole different fitness level, but then i wasnt seeing much of a difference, plus I realized i can get the same effects with a coffee and a bagel or cereal before, and a chocolate milk or protein rich meal afterwards (also better tasting and not as expensive); plus i wanted to give my kidneys and liver a break.

Since then, i haven't seen much growth in size or strength though. Now im thinking about going on a cycle for a couple weeks or months and really push myself. I will also be hitting my road bike for 25-35 miles every other day or so.

So Im reaching out to those of you guys that have mastered (or figured out good insights on) how to maximize the benefits of supplements. Which ones? Before, after, during workouts? For how long?