some right wing nut"Please note that this new, so-called “Certificate of Live Birth”, STILL lists his father’s RACE as “African”. African is NOT a Race…It’s a Continent. In 1961, the state of Hawaii did not use the word/term “African” as a race designation. They used the word/term, “Negro or Black”. If African is a RACE designation – then why isn’t his mother’s race “North American”.

Sigh, this is what happens when I get pulled into conspiracy theories...I look up stuff on the internet.

The Hawaii Department of Health did not employ a standardized method to define, collect or report race. This is deplorable in terms of data collection but it does allow the parent to report their race and ethnicity, which is first reported by the father.

Barack Obama Sr, being the anticolonialist that he was, probably thought that "African" was more appropriate than the term "Negro." "In September 1959, Obama Sr. enrolled at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Honolulu as the university's first African foreign student." (wiki) He had no reason to identify himself with the second-class citizens who were the Blacks in the 1960's on the mainland. (Why he didn't say "Kenyan" is anybody's guess, but probably because Kenya didn't get independence until 1963. And Kenyan would be a funny "ethnicity" term to use).

The term "African" appears in Appendix B of the Hawaii Model Standard for Clustering Race/Ethnicity Categories (1999), and is grouped under "Black (non-Hispanic)." This does not mean that the term "African" didn't exist in the 1960's. It simply means that the DOH decided to group various ethnic groups previously reported into several broadly recognized races for statistical purposes.