Netanyahu government fails to forge a deal with the Palestinian Authority led by the most moderate leaders the Palestinians have ever had; now Israel faces a unified Palestinian government which will include Hamas.

  • tokugawa

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    Apr 28, 2011 9:33 PM GMT
    Anger following an American veto of a United Nations Security Council resolution against Israeli settlement construction in February encouraged Fatah to come to an agreement with Hamas.

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    Apr 28, 2011 11:51 PM GMT
    Obama was too concerned about re-election to not Veto that resolution against Settlements. its just another sign of his spine trouble he's exhibited all along with giving away his power by caving at the first sign of disagreement from anyone he negotiates with.

    Does anyone doubt the influence of AIPAC money and their use of the phrase ANTI ISRAEL it would use against Obama, his state department and any congressmen/senators who pushed to vote with the great majority on the UN against the settlements? This makes a fool of the US with the "TAIL WAGGING THE DOG" when it gives Carte Blanche adherence to such inhumane actions as Israels running people out of their homes to make room for ZIONIST SETTLER housing Units.

    I think the two sides joining together will greatly benefit the Palestinian position in bargaining with the Israeli's and for their efforts to be declared a state by September. Hamas must back off lobbing bombs into israel though and clear up the Israeli propaganda that they are only terrorists and only seek the distruction of Israel.

    For its part I hope the Zionist Fanatic Factions like Lieberman see the light too and stop the Settlement building. But his Ilk seem to think they are entitled to whatever they can get away with in stealing land, running Palestinians out of their homes and building more settlements, so lets not hold our breath on that bunch turning reasonable anytime soon.
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    May 01, 2011 3:43 AM GMT
    Don't you all think most of the world see's right through the smokescreen Lieberman and Netanyahu put up over not dealing with Hamas because its a "terrorist" organization?

    Hell !!! whats more terroristic than the killing of 6000 since 2000, 1500 of which were children, some shot through the head by Israeli SNIPERS, these kids were around age 10 and playing with their friends, what possible propaganda excuse could there be for these terrorist actions?? (during this time period approx 1084 all together, 130 children killed of the Israeli's) Were the children throwing stones up at the SNIPERS, way up on 2nd floor rooves or something?

    The real aggressors are the Israeli's in this situation, they've desperately tried covering it up, but the world is seeing right through the bullshit, how does any government get any more evil than killing 10 to 1 children, feverishly work to cover up the 10 Palestinians they'd killed, then work just as feverishly to expose that one of theirs, then pulling out the poor jew victims card to gain favor with it. NOW THAT TAKES SOME HELLA "SHITZPAH" !!!
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    May 05, 2011 7:53 PM GMT
    Pouncer saidIt's true - Netanyahu and Obama ended up stonewalling themselves out of an Israel/Palestine settlement and straight into a Fatah/Hamas settlement.

    Tokugawa, are you aware how badly this compares to the events just before the 1991 Madrid Peace Conference?

    President Bush Sr, a conservative Republican, told Yitzhak Shamir in no uncertain terms that if he continued settlement construction in the OPTs, he would petition the Congress to suspend Israel's lone guarantees. It was a rare moment of American integrity on the Israel/Palestine issue - not heard of since at least the days of the Eisenhower administration. Shamir said no, believing he could appeal to America's Jewish community for support - but it never materialized. Within weeks he was at the negotiating table in Madrid, conforming with Bush's demands. Sure, the Americans allowed the terms of Madrid to be dictated by the Israelis, but the above point still stands. By the end of it, US Secretary of State James Baker was so annoyed by Israel's conduct that he read out the White House telephone number at a press briefing, telling the Israelis to "give me a call" when they're finally ready to discuss peace.

    It looked for a while that the Obama administration was taking a similar stand to Bush Sr., but last year they fell at the last hurdle where the Republicans in 1991 had not:
    WASHINGTON — After three weeks of fruitless haggling with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Obama administration has given up its effort to persuade the Israeli government to freeze construction of Jewish settlements for 90 days, a senior administration official said Tuesday.

    Hence why the US vetoed in February a UN resolution it purportedly stood for, and why we can expect little from the High Priest of Hope and Change in the future on this issue.

    Why oh why doesn't the world community demand EU or UN (as opposed to American) arbitration on the "peace process", when it is evidently clear that America is not an honest broker? Even the supposedly most progressive president in American history isn't an honest broker.

    The Jewish lobby, which includes but is not limited to AIPAC, controls Mideast policy in Congress and the White House. Without Jewish support, votes, and money, Obama may lose to Hillary for the 2012 Democratic presidential nomination.

    It is certainly ironic that the Obama administration vetoed its own policy with regard to settlements at the UN Security council. The U.S. veto in the Security council prevents any effective action from the UN.
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    May 08, 2011 9:59 PM GMT
    Going back to Israels violent attack on the peacefull aid flotilla where they killed 9 including 1 American. AIPAC reps went to the halls of Congress visiting each Congressman, to request there signature on a letter stating that Israels actions were in self defense. I don't have the exact number of signers in front of me now, but this letter was signed onto by a large majority and went to Obama to apply pressure to stop any condemnation of that Violent action in international waters. This was a blantant Lie on AIPAC's part to influence toward impunity for Israels despotic actions.

    AIPAC has tremendous power because of their attractive money donations to all who will back Israel in their actions, and they go to great length to influence our American Media against anyone who makes any disparaging statements against wrongful Israeli actions. There's plenty of proof for that statement too, just do a google search of AIPAC actions

    Right now, AIPAC is hard at work with their Propaganda against this Union of Palestinian Factions. Some in congress have caved and have sent a letter to the Palestinians warning that their Aid may be cut because of joining with Hamas, I sincerely doubt that Obama will go that far, because doing so would sour our credibility as a 'supposedly' impartial Peace broker and it would cut off any hopes of getting all concerned back to the peace table. Also, if Obama cuts off the aid to Palestine, there will be a financial void that other country's in the Middle East would be more than happy to fill, Iran comes to mind and you can bet that Israel nor the US want to take that chance.

    Actually I think the ZIONIST leadership under Netanyahu and Lieberman have painted themselves in a corner and the US has jumped right in it with them under AIPAC pressure. With this Union of Palestinians and the upcoming UN vote to consider Palestine as a state, the Israeli's and the US will be forced to deal with them. Egypts standing with the Palestinians will further pressure them to get back to the negotiation table.

    The better share of the world has seen through the Israeli ZIONIST PROPAGANDA to cover up their atrocities against the Palestinians and realize that in actuality the Israeli's are the Primary Aggressor. As a result they are so isolated now that what choice do they have but to deal with this new Union Of Palestinians. All these events are making things come around for a more favorable and fair outcome for the Palestinians.