Why I don't believe in Revolutions!

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    May 01, 2011 4:49 AM GMT
    I don't believe in revolutions, and I no longer believe in democratic ideals, this last decade has changed my out look on that . We were nieve in our pursuit of truth, justice and the likes. The bankers, corporations and whatever are in control of that realm-I have no intention of trying to change it, to do such a thing would be foolish.

    Revolutions always get hijacked, always!
    So the oppressors, to quell the masses, change the oppressive tactics, in a seeming placation only to hoodwink everybody and repeat the same bull shit every few decades. This is why revolutions never work.

    All those people who marched and continue to march for civil rights do so in vain, and the denial coupled with delusion only makes it more painful when the truth is finally laid bare.

    The difference between the country I live in and the rest of the world is the method of our enslavement.

    There are two types of bullies, those who do it overtly and those who do it covertly.

    The security services do not need to drag me through the streets and put a bullet through my head, or come at arrest me in the dead of the night.

    They can use mental coercion, sabotage and the likes this is the difference between my world and the rest. One does it overtly and the other does it covertly.

    Mr. Obama will end up disappointing a lot of people

    I do not want to be rich, nor do I want to be famous
    That is a dangerous combination

    Bullies will never be satisfied until they have beatean you into the ground and destroy you.

    President Obama speaks for his love of Dr. king but many including those in India have forgotten the real lesson of satyagra

    By choosing to do nothing
    By allowing you to destroy me
    I expose your bullying and in the process
    remove that which you wish to control (me)
    Thus you having nothing, no subjects to control

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    May 01, 2011 5:00 AM GMT
    Look at the revolutions America had to have, just to become a republic, and in many ways they are no better off than Oz, and we still have monarchy as our Head of State.

    How the founding forefathers must be rolling in their graves with the Socialist States of America.
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    May 01, 2011 5:17 AM GMT
    I believe your right here !! The best way to win against 'big brother' is to stay 'under the radar', do what you will to make your way through life in a way to not attract attention, say yes sir, I will sir, than as soon as your 'out the door' and on your own, have a good laugh and do exactly what you want to. Be creative and smart about how you avoid and get around 'big brother's" controls on you.. LOL !!!

    Only you in your own personal situation will know how best to do that. I could give some examples, 'but that would be telling' !!!

    There's one key to being able to do this though, owe as little as possible to anyone, the less you owe, the less you have need of "big brother" and the fewer times your paths will cross with "big brother".
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    May 01, 2011 7:26 AM GMT
    jprichva saidPut down the bong, dude.

    LOL !!!