Hi all

I'm a graphic design student in London and for one of my final projects I'm designing a manzine called Woof. a celebration of the male body. I'll be putting together two issues of the zine; The Bear Issue and the Jock issue, and I'm looking for submissions of content for both.

Although I'll be grateful for any photos that come my way (!), I'm primarily looking for copy for the zine which explores why we love the JOCK; is it simply the brute manliness, the skintight lycra and jockstraps or is it something deeper to do with the fetishisation of the working class body or the gay preoocupation with the straight male body? I'm looking for (erotic and non-erotic) fiction, (accessible) academic writings, quotes, or even just an exploration of what constitutes the 'Jock'. Anything goes!

I've got some concept images to give an idea of the atmosphere of the zine at:


As this will be created for my degree show it won't be 'published' as such, although it will appear online at issuu, so unfortunately I can't offer any payment; I'm relying on fellow jock enthusiasts! That said this is a project I intend to develop going forward as a graphic designer, so who knows what the future may hold!

If you're interested in contributing to the zine, please feel free to drop me an email at woof@maxwolf.co.uk and/or check out my blog at http://max-wolf.tumblr.com/

(I'm also looking for the content for the Bear Issue so if you're a hair lover please also check out http://issuu.com/maxwolf/docs/woof.bear and get in touch!)

Thanks in advance,

Max Wolf.