OMG y'll, this past weekend, I went swimming for the first time this year since the weather was super nice and my pool was semi-warm...and I was like wth, I made my friend take a shirtless pic of me (actually a few!) and it was the first time I ever had a shirtless pic...I was always waiting to get results and have an amazing body like so many guys on here before taking one and posting!

Although, I do not have my "goal" body yet, I have transformed my body so much in the past 20 months when I seriously started lifting hardcore.

Why I made this thread? To get photo comments! JK!!! But seriously, I really wanna thank so many guys on here that are inspirational with their bodies and athleticism and I thank RJ for giving me a safe haven of getting that inspiration.

Without RJ - and YOU guys - I would not be as far in my body progress as I am right now...and I cannot wait until I'm at my current goal level so y'll start droolin' over them pix!!!


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