Being emotionally jaded for over 2 years.

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    May 05, 2011 1:21 AM GMT
    Hello guys

    I went through a drastic coming out story by falling in love with a supposedly straight guy and the story ended terribly. This is also how I finally came out.

    However, up until today I still have lingering thoughts when I wake up, go to bed at night or simply when I go though my daily routine. I think about how awful and hurtful the whole thing was and it pierces my soul. It does affect my mood and drive to achieve my goals as I'm not nearly as motivated as I was before.

    I'm not depressed since I still live a normal life except for these awful moments throughout the days that comes on and off. I believe that my soul was broken by this guy and I still have to do something to fix it. I've tried it all: psychotherapy, sleeping with God knows how many guys, traveling, making money - but nothing.

    Is this normal? Does anyone else experience this? How do I recover from a broken soul?
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    May 05, 2011 5:10 AM GMT
    Two years is a pretty long time. How long did you try psychotherapy for? What kind of therapy did you try?

    It doesn't sound like you really made it through the grieving process and are stuck in one of the stages. Are you usually a pretty active person?