Heres one I wrote, watch it full screen and just zone out...

Two eyes to see, one look to take
Two hands to work, one world to make
Two feet to walk, one path to take
Why wont we see we two are one

Two wings to fly, one sky above
Two lives to spend, one life in love
Two opposites together in love, like parents whom a child is born of
Why wont we see, we two are one

All strings to strum, one song to play
All colours in one stroke of paint
All cards in hand, one hand to lay
Why wont we see we are all one

All branches on one tree to climb
All time and space, one place, one time
All children of just one single line, this earth is all that we leave behind
Why wont we see we are all one

One stone to dwell, one house to build
One goal to reach, one sea to sail
One fate to cast, one soil to till
Its time to see, we are all one

One coin to flip, one day to live,
One choice to make, one love to give
One turn to take, one way to pave,
One prayer to say, one world to save,
Come on, lets see we are all one