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  • May 05, 2011 11:55 PM GMT
    So I ended a relationship, I have been down but I am moving on. I need to feel, "Sexy," again...

    So I have decided no school this summer, and I only work part time. I want time to relax, and get my mind together, as well as my body. When I was 18 I was kinda skinny fat, lost 25 pounds over the course of 3 months doing nothing but intense cardio.

    However, I look back at me then, and I think I looked grossly thin. I had started working out with weights over the years, and gained about 10 pounds of muscle, a little fat, but I looked tone. I was never ripped, but I didn't have a little belly, or jiggle. You could see just enough definition to turns guys head, and it was for me easily maintainable... I felt sexy, confident, and was happy. I was around 10% BF.

    I want to go back to that. I have gained about 10 pounds, I KNOW I have lost about 5 pounds of muscle. School, work, and my ex( we ate Moe's, Shanes, he always cooked the wonderful high calorie meals), kinda caused me to loose focus.

    I am going to to start a workout/diet regimen on Monday. My Mom has a ton of Nutrisystem left over, and I am going to incorporate those so I can take them to work, breakfast, etc. However, that is not all I am going to eat. I will just use to take places and for a quick meal. I will also go back to my old diet, of lots of lean protein(chicken, eggs, fish), I will go back to adding more veggies to my diet( I love asparagus, salads with spring mix and regular balsomic vinegar and olive oil w/ salmon is delicious, and other things), I will abstain from alcohol(me and the ex drank a lot), and stay away from Moe's, Shanes, and processed foods(I think once a week at most like for to hangout with friends would be cool, but they do have somethings on the menu that are less damaging then others), I loved smoothies with just vanilla protein and fresh fruit and milk(this used to be a large part of my diet), and dry to avoid bad foods in general.

    How did you stay focused? How did you stay on track? I am going to use a food journal( I used to keep one for years), and a workout journal.

    Also another area I have questions about is fitness. In my area I have to workout alone, so I do use my phone for music and videos. However, I am wanting a successful workout routine. I tend to be able to workout 3-4 times a week about 30-45 minutes of weights, and then 2 days cardio about 30 minutes.

    Can any of you recommend a good weight training program? Something free preferably, or something with youtube videos(I find these workout routines very motivating and easy to follow), I love Vince Delmonte( I bought his program, but it isn't for me), I want my weight training to be done in 30-45 minutes moderate-intense workout.

    I am not looking to gain 30 pounds of muscle, I just want to get my old body back. I felt good, I want to get down to 10% BF, and weight about 150-55, and then over the years add muscle.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, the internet is a plethora of information, but I find videos that I can watch on youtube, or iPad to be very helpful.


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    May 06, 2011 12:08 AM GMT
    southernkid105 saidHow did you stay focused?
    I disassembled my old DSLR camera, took out the auto-focus mechanism, and installed it on my mirror. Now every time I see myself, I say "damn, this looks much better than last year."

    That keeps me focused. icon_biggrin.gif

  • May 06, 2011 12:10 AM GMT
    What do you mean?
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    May 06, 2011 2:53 AM GMT
    southernkid105 saidWhat do you mean?
    Just knowing how I used to look (60 lbs heavier - all fat), seeing what I look like now is enough motivation to continue living a healthy lifestyle. I've already reached my initial fitness goal. Now I'm just maintaining, continuing to eat/live healthy, and still seeing occasional progress beyond what I'd expected or thought was even possible.