Setting up a routine/nutrition to build muscle and strength. Little help please

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    May 06, 2011 1:56 AM GMT
    Basically after being a bit lazy for the past couple months since I hit my somewhat target goal for losing weight. I am now back with motivation and dedication to complete my goals for further physical fitness, but need a little guidance and education regarding building muscle/strength. I'm no longer going to be able to afford my personal trainer, and due to my current school schedule I'm only able to go one day a week, so a majority of my workouts are going to be done alone at home, in the small gym in my garage.

    The gym in my garage has the following equipment.

    Bosu ball
    Physio ball
    Multiple resistance bands
    -2x 10lb
    -2x 15lb
    -2x 25lb
    -2x 35lb
    Barbell Plates
    -2x 2.5lb
    -4x 5lb
    -4x 10lb
    -2x 25lb
    -2x 45lb
    One with the rack for the barbell, that is either flat or incline
    One without the rack that can incline/decline
    Cable cross over
    This machine:
    -Lat Bar
    -Trircep Rope
    -Chinning Triangle
    -Tricep Pressdown bar
    -Straight bar
    -2xCable Handles
    Have a pool in the backyard, as well as a few steps around perimeter I can use if those are useful to incorporate in workouts.

    I understand the basics of lifting, and can maintain proper form when doing certain exercises such as deadlifts and squats etc. Aside from that,knowing which exercises to do for the best gains and what not I am completely at a loss, this is where a majority of my frustration comes from. I don't have a gym membership and would prefer to continue to use the small gym in my garage, to save money.

    Basically I am looking for advice on what exercises I should include in each routine, how many sets/reps, when do I increase weight, and how often should I workout? I'm able to workout pretty much every day for at least an hour, but I know I should avoid doing that; just dont know what would be the most effective and safe amount to work out. My trainer has told me that I gain muscle fast, which is good, right? I workout alone so one of my concerns is safety, when I do bench presses with the trainer I do 35lb plates but at home I reduced it to 25 cause I didn't want an injury.

    As for nutrition I am somewhat back on track for the past 2 weeks, which is what I wanted to focus on before making this post. My only downfall right now is breakfast, because I'm a horrible morning person so lately it has consisted of 3/4c Fruity Pebbles with skim milk(eating pebbles = rock hard abs, right? icon_razz.gif) Aside from that lunch for the past couple days has consisted of a salad of some sort with light italian dressing, In&Out double double, no cheese/spread protein style burger, or today was a blueberry/banana smoothie(yeh not good). Dinner I have been avoiding carbs after 4pm and usually dinner is something like: 3 egg whites with 1 whole egg scrambled with random assortment of ingredients; lastnight was with chicken I had cooked the night before. I'm able to get a flat of 20 jumbo eggs from a chicken farm near my house[its actually the chicken farm from the movie “Changeling” I think icon_eek.gif] and I love eggs so if those can be incorporated all the better. My diet overall has improved, my biggest problem is I tend to always want to snack and I'm not sure what to snack on or how late I can eat. Snacks throughout the day usually include banana/apples/strawberries/Pure Protein bars.

    After working out, I usually down one of these . I also have powder protein available, but just trying to finish off the former first.

    For working out I understand the jist of it, and that you work out select muscle groups on select days Chest/Tri, Back/Bi,Shoulder/Legs...I think. My major problem as mentioned above is I don't know what specific workouts to do, if I should do the same routine everytime or if I need to change it every so often. I have looked at other websites and this one for programs like “Strong and Lean” etc, but they include machines that are at the gym and I don't have access to.

    Here is what I did yesterday for chest/tri, for critique and advice on what to change.
    •10min cardio on ellyptical
    •Ab workout
    -50x Bicycles
    -30x Vertical Crunch
    -30x V-Ups
    -30x Reverse Crunch
    -Side bridge for a minute on each side
    •Incline Bench press with 2x 25lb plates(+bar, if that counts)
    •Tricep Extension while laying on physio ball with
    -2x10 with 15lbs
    -1x7 with 25lbs (wanted to see if I could do it with that much weight)
    •Push ups
    -Did 12/15/18
    •Dumbbell fly laying on physio ball
    3x10 with 25lbs
    •Cross over with resistance band

    Aside from ches/tri I'm actually not sure what workouts to do for what, if I were to create them they'd be
    Barbell curl
    Superman to Cobras
    About all I can think of icon_redface.gif

    Leg/Shoulder would include
    Single leg squats
    Shoulder press
    Bar/Dumbbell shrugs

    Today I wasn't sure what to do, which led me to posting so I did 7 minutes of glute burn on the ellyptical, Ab workout of bicycles, V-ups, Side crunches and than 2 sets of 50 superman-cobras.

    I also felt adventurous and attempted a pull-up and was actually able to do my first full, neutral to chin up today. First time in my life I have ever been able to do so, so even more motivation for me! icon_biggrin.gif

    Any advice for specific workouts or routines, eating habits, nutrition, and overall increased levels of physical fitness would be much appreciated. This is also where my I am at currently in terms of physique, I have a bit of extra skin in the abdomen/arms so something Ive gotta deal with but if it helps in telling me which exercises to focus on what the hell...kinda embarassed to flex so hiding the face haha icon_redface.gificon_redface.gif

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