Has anyone passed through this kind of experience?

Having a crush on a guy but not in a purely sexual way. In fact, being emotional / affectionate in your crush more than feeling lust / sexual attraction.
Considering him like a big brother (no incest) / a friend / a buddy but also feeling this man-to-man attraction toward him.

I understand that usually this comes with time, after you get to know the guy very well, and maybe date him for a while. but what about feeling this for a crush? Like the need to protect him or just wishing him to be happy whether he's with you or with another guy or even a girl.

What do you call this? Infatuation? Because as a good friend of mine said it can't be love. love comes with interaction, with time, with sharing a part of your life / time with this person and getting to know him better.

Any thoughts on what this may be called? And a question on the side, as gay men, is it possible to have a platonic crush on a guy like the way straight guys have "man-crushes" on their idols or like some gay men idolize some divas? icon_biggrin.gif