Interesting story, since today at shift change I was forced to endure the rantings of the chaplain, and sing god bless America. I am an atheist, to the core.

These people within the armed forces, especially the pentagon, go out and try to torment soldiers with their religious bullshit, I would know they tried to make me convert to christianity. Yet president Obama and the secretary of the army and defense go out there on television and the spotlight and lie to people, oh everything is fine here at our wonderful armed forces, we don't perform mental coercion than our own soldiers (rhetoric). It's only because of tact a national scandal doesn't erupt.

Such hypocrites, what do you expect from people who co-opted hierarchical structures and practices of the nazis (project paperclip)

That's why when people speak of democracy I laugh, because i do know information that most would not know.

Oh, don't get me started on the secrets of the chaplain core....
That is a whole other scandal