Senate Ethics Committee Unanimously Refers the Ensign Mess To DOJ and Federal Election Commission

The Senate Ethics Committee on Thursday declared that it has “substantial and credible evidence” that former senator John Ensign broke federal laws in his effort to cover up an extramarital affair he had with a political aide

Not only did they report Ensign's criminal behavior but it points out others in this new and riveting story

Tom Coburn R OK has been implicated
Tom Coburn Helped Cover Up John Ensign Affair: Senate Ethics Report

Rick Santorum Presidential Candidate and Professional Blonde Megan Kelly were implicated as well
Report: Santorum Alerted Ensign
Candidate The report concluded that Ensign’s aide Doug Hampton—the husband of the woman Ensign had the affair with—contacted Megyn Kelly of Fox News to say he wanted a meeting with her, then showed the email to Santorum, who tipped off Ensign

NOW Let's not forget this is a man who asked President Clinton to resign for his affair with and aide

UBER -Karma

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