Taking prozac, part 2.

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    May 13, 2011 12:25 PM GMT
    hey guys, I'll just like to offer you all an update on my situation, in a nutshell, I flew back to university last monday in the hopes of sorting my life out and starting afresh, needless to say it didn't go as planned. My on again/off again boyfriend came to pick me and and while we were in bed that night I just started crying, caused I still wasn't over the emotional trauma the guy that started all this and stole him from me as well, the next saturday he said he couldnt take any more of my crap and it was over for good. i had a bit of a breakdown after that and had my family fly me back over tot belfast to see a psyciachrist. Needless to say, she was cold as ice and very aloof, saying my being late and not being able to get out of bed was just my lazy personality, upon her saying she was giving me no more treatment I broken down again, to which she just said the assessment was over and she had to go.
    The next day I went to my GP whom ive never liked and he just said and I quote "this is drama at its best" and told me to grow up. I felt like I was dead already and when I got home I took at overdose, i felt like i was trapped and needed a desperate cry out for help, thankfully I was taken to the hospital in time and was seen by another psychiacrist, who was much more empathetic and caring, he said I didn't need any counselling but simply had double my prozac to treat my clinical depression, take diazepan temporarily, cut of my facebook and iphone and quit drinking/socialings temporarily and just go back to university next week and stay in the library revising while going to the gym in the morning. hopefully this will help me out, im still feeling rather grim but i think theres a light at the end of this tunnel. thank you all so much for your support, i has helped me greatly and thank you especially to all those who have spent me advice and positive email, i read them all and am grateful for every one x
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    May 14, 2011 12:12 AM GMT
    In my opinion :

    The doctors you saw are incompetent. A psychiatrist who does his job properly is supposed to remain objective and non-judgmental.

    It appears you have trouble dealing with your emotions in a healthy way. That does not make you a bad person, and it's not "drama." It's an indication that you need counseling with a qualified, competent, non-judgmental psychologist. Psychiatrists are for drugs. Psychologists are for mental health counseling. Please don't go to a shrink for counseling.

    All these judgmental people should be told to fuck the hell off. You're having serious problems,and you deserve better.

    As I recall, in your first post you mentioned problems with anxiety and obsessive behavior. Hopefully you can find a counselor with expertise in treating obsessive behavior.

    You need much better medication management. Prozac is an old drug. There are better, newer drugs, and Prozac is no longer the drug of first choice. Hasn't been for years. I think you need medication for both depression and anxiety.

    I am not a doctor. Repeat, I am not a doctor. I've taken numerous psychotropic drugs for a number of years and have gone through mental health counseling. I've spent much time educating myself about my diagnosis, psychotropic drugs, mental health issues, etc.

    My concern is that you have not gotten the correct treatment and are headed for another breakdown the next time another major stressful event occurs.

    If you even think about suicide again please, please, please call a suicide prevention hotline or a crisis hotline. Talk to someone and ask for help.