Very happy with ooma phone service

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    May 14, 2011 1:51 AM GMT
    Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to share my experience. I was with Verizon and had some advanced calling features, including managing calls on the web. Verizon was discontinuing this feature (called iobi), and I would have to get Verizon voip service, at the same cost as my existing service. I figured it was time to look at other voip options.

    I know some folks are eliminating their landline all together, but I wanted to keep mine for faxes and convenient international calling options. I ruled out MagicJack because it required the computer to be on all the time. That left Vonage and ooma.

    Heard good things about Vonage. The initial cost of the box is less than with ooma, and international calls to many countries are included. But after the 14.99 teaser rate for 3 months, it goes up to around 29. Better than the phone company especially with international included, but still significant cost per month.

    With ooma, the major cost is up front. 199 for the unit from stores such as Best Buy. Then if you don't need advanced features, there is no cost per month except for taxes and fees (for me it is 3.47). That does not include international calls, but they are real cheap, and you can buy international plans which make the calls even cheaper. ooma to ooma calls are no charge, even if international. If you want the advanced features, it is $10 per month. That includes a second number, a second mailbox, simultaneous ringing to your cell phone. You do need the extra service to see caller id names if not in your address book.

    You do need a decent internet connection. You can see from their website the minimum requirements and use and to see if you are ok. If you buy the box from Best Buy, you can return it if not satisfied. I suggest not porting your number until you are satisfied with the quality. Before porting, I call forwarded calls from my Verizon number to my temporary ooma number.

    I found the quality excellent, and there is an even better quality mode (HD) for some equipment.
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    May 31, 2011 11:23 AM GMT
    I've got three Ooma systems and have been using them for about four years. I have several phone lines -- personal, business, and fax. After using the system with landlines, just for long distance, I had my numbers ported to Ooma for about $40 each.

    I cut off my landlines -- about $100 a month -- and haven't paid a phone bill in about three years. Ooma cost me about $700 and I've saved like $4000 so far.

    Two years ago, I moved across the country. I packed my Ooma stuff in my suitcase, connected them in my new house and was receiving phone calls on my CA numbers in VA. Many people didn't even know I moved. for about $100 a year, I added a second VA line for new local friends.

    I have my business line forward to my cell so I can pick it up if I'm not in the office and voicemail gets emailed to me so i can access it on the go.

    The thing I liked about Ooma beyond other VoIP options is that you don't need to have your computer on, just your Internet connection. Many VoIP systems need your computer to be on.

    I'm a big Ooma fan and should probably be a spokesperson. It's worked extremely well for me.