I don't post here too often, I mainly browse what certain folks are up to. I also know that this is not a "Gay Event" in the sense that it's about being gay. However it affects our community in the same ways that it does any other.

This year, I am going to be participating in The Enbridge Ride To Conquer Cancer. It's a 220km bike marathon from Vancouver to Seattle and is going to be the single most difficult thing I have ever done. I've been training for months, lost about 30 pounds so far, cycling as much as I can and trying to get in shape.

I have been exhausting as many outlets as I can to try and raise the $2,500 minimum participation donation so that I may take part in this awesome event, and I thought I would turn to our community here to try and find support.

When I was 15, I lost my best friend Nicholas to brain cancer. It was not recognized in time and after a short bout of suffering, he passed away.

A dear family friend named Chantelle lost her battle with cancer about a year ago. Her five year old daughter Maddie is being raised by her grandparents.

My godmother Kim was also lost to cancer six months ago today. She fought bravely, with more bravery than I had ever seen in anyone.

I want this epidemic to be conquered once and for all. I think it's what we all want, which is why this ride is so near and dear to my heart. I know it's a big favor to ask of everyone, but if anybody would like to make a donation to this cause, no matter how small, then know it would mean the world to me, and to everybody who has had this affliction touch their lives in some way. I can't express how grateful I am for all the support I've received so far, and hope I can raise that $2,500 by June 6th.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and please be well everyone. =]

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