after initially thinking of leaving the city for a job offer, im bit stuck.

we all know the obvious, high NYC rents (double that of SF which is #2 in US rental costs), high costs, blah, blah...but is it REALLY that expensive if you're penny-wise, pound-wiser WITHOUT living like miser?

..but i think the "cheap" aspects of manhattan midtown living get glazed over..

..transportation = walk to work in midtown.. no car insurance, high gas, can forgo MTA monthly if wished

..entertainment = lot of FREE concerts/venues in walkable central park/midtown throughout the year.. what's more entertaining than turning on Grindr in middle of midtown..

... sexytime in a matter of minutes, which gives one more time to work/gym/sleep...all for free, and getting all the hot locals/visitors from around the world steps to my door.. no subway needed, leaving more time for frnds/hobby/work$$ ok Manhattan can be infamous for its high-end grocers that make Whole Foods look plebeian...but if you know which grocers to go, prices are actually in line with national avg...also there are several fresh, and cheap, cheap farmers' markets right in the middle of midtown, cutting out middle man...

oh and everyone delivers (even some McD's and Subways) which can be $ saving if you're working on project which bills $XX/hour. ok who really wants to pay $9 for a bud lite in a bar? solution, pregame.. or, after 25 years old or so, it's all about apartment parties anyway where you know more of the people, and it's more intimate.. 6 pack anyone?

...dining.. surprisingly lot of cheap-ish/posh places for dinner and brunch... big foodie community (which I'm not) to do all the price/quality/atmosphere reviews for us lazies..

...tailor/plumbing/computer tech service/haircut/contract work/side jobs/etc/etc.. ok you'd think it'd be expensive to hire handymen of some sort in the largest city.. yes, but given there's more competition among these service types due to sheer # of providers, prices tend to push down.. easy to hop on yelp/google reviews in this city to compare prices/experiences as its more transparent vs other cities..

...taxes = ok yeh there is city tax, but NYS allows many federal tax deductions (ie rental loss, charitable deductions, work expense, mtge int, stock carryover loss, self employment deduction, etc, etc, etc)....NY is NOT one of the Gross Income Tax states that DON'T allow you to take these losses, so in the end I can actually pay less taxes despite paying city tax vs had I lived in another gross income tax state...

..gyms.. who needs to pay $120/month at equinox/barton/club h... when there are no frills gyms around for 30 bones or even less...or use nearby friend's building gym... don't remember the last piece of clothing i bought, not a huge shopper.. but why go on 5th when you can still head downtown and get a nice tailored work blazer for $70 or less at daffy's and other discounted but fashion fwd places.