Howdy all,

I'm not sure how many other people on here have gone through the armed services or are currently in them, but I was wondering if anyone has any tips for scoring higher on the PFT. As it stands, I'm pretty much at a sucky 235 (out of 300) for Officers Candidate School (Marines). I can hammer out 100 crunches in 2 minutes, my 3-mail run is 22:13 and my pullups are stuck at a sucky 12.

I've been following a program that I discovered online that's supposed to be a huge prep for everything, but I don't feel that it's doing anything for me. Here's the guideline:

Day 1: 3 sets of pushups until failure. Five maximum effort sets of pullups (90 second rest in between each set)

Day 2: 3 sets of pushups until failure. Pyramid sets.

Day 3: 3 sets of pushups until failure. 3 normal overhand grip, 3 reverse grip, 3 normal overhand grip (rest 60 seconds in between each set)

Day 4: 3 sets up pushups until failure. Maximum number of pullup sets. (60 seconds rest between sets)

Day 5: 3 sets of pushups until failure. Repeat any day I had difficulty with. Varies from week to week.

As for running... that's a whole different story. Right now I'm at 13 miles for the week complete with boot running and what not. Last Saturday was my first timed run and I ended up with a 22:13. Granted it was a treadmill so I don't think it's really accurate but... I haven't been able to get outside to try it. Probably skewed my results with that.

I haven't been doing any lifting in the 4 weeks prior to this because I was told it was detrimental to do. However, I've started that up this week and found that it's giving me a little extra umf to do what I need to do.

Anyone have any suggestions?