So as a little background, years ago, my workouts were pretty much exclusively cardio-driven (with some crunches and pushups, but nothing big in the strength training department). Over time, I started adding more strength training and phasing out the cardio. At some point, this basically ended up switching and for a couple years, I was doing just strength training and no cardio.

I was happy with the mass I got, but of course, eventually started to miss the tone I had. So I recently started adding back the cardio, and slightly shifted my weight routine to favor toning rather than building. I'm to the point now where my routine is the sum of the two extremes. I get just as much cardio as when cardio was my only exercise and just as much weights as when weight training was the only thing I did.

I thought that if I simply put the two together, maybe I'd manage to keep the mass but tone it up. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case. I am toning up for sure, but I'm also losing mass more rapidly than I've been toning up.

Was I just being naive in thinking I could avoid the mass loss? Is this a period of my body adjusting to the new routine? Is there some other variable I've overlooked?

For reference, I workout 3 or 4 times a week depending on my schedule, with a 40 minute, 5-mile run followed by a 1 hour-1hour:15 minute weight lifting regimen that's pretty decently intense.

Any input would be much appreciated icon_smile.gif