While I don't think this is necessarily a big deal, it is noteworthy that this Administration ran on a platform of transparency.

A frustrated White House Press Corps chief says her members are “constantly fighting” for more access to the media-elusive President Obama — who hasn’t fielded questions from reporters since early April, despite an onslaught of major events, from the “birther” controversy and spiking gas prices to the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

Heavy-handed dealings with the press, limited access and strong efforts at message control are emerging as patterns in the Obama White House, journalists and media watchers say.

“We’re constantly reminding the White House that we would like to see more press conferences and more opportunities for reporters to ask questions of the president,” said Caren Bohan, vice president of the White House Correspondents’ Association. “That’s a big concern for us.”

The White House Press Office yesterday refused to address its policy on choosing local reporters for pool coverage, after the Herald was denied full access to the president’s Boston visit this week in part because the administration didn’t like the newspaper’s coverage. A press staffer’s e-mails cited a Mitt Romney op-ed that ran March 8 on the front page, challenging Obama’s policies the same day the president came to town for a fund-raiser.