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    May 23, 2011 2:06 AM GMT
    When I was about 15, I went camping in the Adirondacks at a cabin owned by a friend of my parents. In the woods beyond the cabin was a spot where, a decade before, a small family plane crashed, decapitating the parents and kids in the plane. The tree tops still showed remnants of being clipped.

    Well, down on the ground we found pieces from luggage and the plane that were slightly buried by mud after all those years. We took them back to the campfire and told ghost stories. It seems spooky now because I was so young and never knew the names of the family, etc.

    Do you have a spooky story?

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    May 23, 2011 3:51 AM GMT
    C'mon boys, nothing eerie? We need a good shiver.
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    May 23, 2011 3:59 AM GMT
    im waiting to see other people's stories icon_razz.gif then I'll contribute one depending how eerie it is
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    May 23, 2011 4:03 AM GMT
    There is this house in my hometown that is apparently haunted. In high school we used to always go to it at night when we were bored. Well one night we were sitting in my friend's car looking at the house in the completely flat driveway and with between 1/2 and 1/4 a tank of gas left, my friend's gas light came one (it always comes on when there is 1 gallon left, not over 1/4 a tank). Well my friend got scared and sped away from the house and as soon as we pulled out of the neighborhood, the gas light went back off. I know it was probably a random coincidence, but it was definitely eerie!
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    May 23, 2011 4:11 AM GMT
    This was the day after the major Northridge earthquake. My aunt and her family's house was damaged and one of her husband's relative died. I can't remember which family member. I think it was his grandmother.

    They had to stay with my family. My aunt and cousin was sleeping in my sister's room and my uncle was sleeping on the sofa in the living room. It was past midnight or so we hear him yelling really loud. We all ran into the living room and he was just sitting there shaking. He said some huge black shadow was pressing down on him and he couldn't move.

    We figured he was having nightmares and everyone just went back to bed. I ran back to my room relieved that nothing bad had happened and just knocked out. Then it happaned to me, I felt pressed down and when I opened my eyes there was a huge black figure pressing down on my chest. I couldn't move or say anything. It seemed very very real. All of a sudden I snapped out of it and reality felt even more like reality.

    It turns out that it was sleep paralysis. It is just weird that it happened to the both of us in the same night. It also felt very real. I guess this is more scary than eerie.


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    May 24, 2011 12:26 AM GMT
    AvadaKedavra said

    It turns out that it was sleep paralysis...

    Or was it? haha jk

    Okay this happened to my friend, what she told me was that one night she was in her room and woke up I think she said she had to use the bathroom. She went back to her room and saw her dog was at her door and was acting a little bit funny. She just shrugged it off and went back to sleep. Not too long after she woke up and her dog was afraid of something in her room. She told me that she wasn't able to move and felt like a heavy weight on her and some dark presence even though nothing was there. The dog did not move at all apparently and she started to pray and after a few minutes whatever it was went away and her dog started to move again. She closed her window (cause she used to open it while she slept) and went to her mom's room. She kept trying to wake her up for several minutes, but wasn't able to. Her mom basically is a light sleeper and well couldn't wake up, when she did my friend told her what happened. What she said was that it was probably some kind of dark spirit that went in there, hence why the dog was acting funny and then stopped moving. Her dog btw isn't scared of anything well that I've seen she's vicious.

    Same thing happened to me, I think it was sleep paralysis, although got that same feeling of heaviness on my chest and my entire body couldn't move. I can't say I felt something there cause well hallucinations can be associated with that stuff (feelings though). Anyways, as soon as I felt it, I forced myself up despite feeling like I weighed a hella lot and turned on my light. It went away as soon as I stood up though to turn on the light so who knows? Pretty sure it was an illusion.
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