I am the co-artistic director of a local community orchestra where I do narration for two of the concerts each year (if you're old enough, think Deems Taylor in the original "Fantasia" interstitials).

I'd not really paid much attention during rehearsals this past week, but on the night of the concert, seated down front between my narration, I was positioned in a place that gave me a direct view of the first cellist, a young man that otherwise, frankly, I'd not have paid a great deal of attention to. Well, slap me upside my head and push me over with a feather this kid had me so fucking hot and bothered by the end of the second selection that I had to think about dead kittens to prevent my standing on stage 'compromised' (and as it was I was hoping the follow spot had me pinned from chest up, and left in darkness waist down....)

Dear GOD! Here's the thing - it was his obvious virtuosity and accompanying passion that were making me fall in love with the man right then and there. He was exceptionally gifted on his instrument (pause for obvious jokes) and his physicality made it apparent that his entire body was an extension of his music. It was breathtaking. No, not sufficient. It was fucking erotic beyond belief!!!! And when they got to Por Una Carbeza - a ubiquitous Argentinian tango best known for its use in Scent of a Woman, here's a link for the curious
Anyway, when the orchestra got to Por Una Carbeza...DAMN!!!!!!!! It was over. I was picking out rings! LOL

The point of this rambling is that what surprised me was how magnetic this kid was, in spite of being nearly the antithesis of my 'type'. But it also underscored for me something I've held to for some time now, and that is that no matter the 'size' of your shape, IF the shape compliments the passion, and the body is fully engaged in that passion - and reflects the [u]relative athleticism of that passion[/u] - then the guy is going to be truly attractive if not downright hot. And this lithe, lean, tall chap with the cello was an authentic musical 'jock'. You could see it, it was obvious. He was already a very handsome, offbeat guy, but the body's evident surrender to the task at hand made him so stunning that I was sweating. LOL

Live, lust, learn....*sigh*