HELP! I have to shave my chest... and legs too.

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    May 25, 2011 2:35 PM GMT
    I am a life model for art classes at local universities and art schools, and will be modeling this week for FABAIC: Facepainting And BodyArt International Convention, once for a class and once for the Grand Competition... and SURPRISE just found out I have to shave my legs, arms, and chest. Nether regions will be covered by a (very) brief.

    Sorry, but this has never entered my mind before.
    - How do you do it? I know that body builders do it all the time for competitions.
    - How long does it take to grow back?
    - My gym buddies are gonna razz me mercilessly.

    HELP! My maleness is suffering trauma!

    Thank you for any tips and advice you can share..I know that shaving your chest is more hip today than it was for us older guys, back when.


    OK, I did it... at least the chest. It was easy and inconspicuous.

    I had some old Bic razors in a drawer and just did a dry shave before my shower. Quick and easy, but it sure looks (and feels) different.

    The class is Saturday and the big competition is Sunday, so we'll do the legs and trim the chest on Friday. Hmm, and probably some edging down at the mankini line... Got some foamy non-gel Edge sitting around, will try it. Nair sounds dangerous, and waxing is just plain scary... according the the 40-year old virgin Steve Carrel.

    Wish me luck, and my artist too!
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    May 25, 2011 3:08 PM GMT
    If you're only going to do it twice then I'd just use a razor and I'd lather like you would with foam / gel / oil (gel/oil is better since you can see). Dry shaving can be a bit harsh on the skin, can lead to irritation and redness. No point in waxing or using creams unless you want to be smoother for longer.
    For the mankini line I would wax 'cos the razor stubble can get a bit itchy.

    If you grow hair quick, I'd shave in the morning of the day but if you're waxing/ creaming you need at least do it a day away so your skin relaxes (I don't know how your body with react to being shaved then painted on in quick succession) and good luck for the comp!
  • calibro

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    May 26, 2011 12:27 AM GMT
    Depending on how hairy you are, but I highly recommend using clippers first. Buzz down your entire body first and then just take a razor to get all the leftover.
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    May 26, 2011 1:35 AM GMT
    I use this regularly. It's fucking awesome...shaves smooth with no razor burn (well, except for armpits...they get a little tender for a day).

    PS. I have a video of myself using it, but the video is still in "raw" format...haven't converted it for web ...

    ... yet.