Windows 7 Phone Reviews

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    May 25, 2011 11:00 PM GMT
    I've been gravitating towards getting a Win7 phone once my contract renews. Anyone personally own a Win7 phone who can give some inside feedback on the device and how well it has functioned for them for work and recreational purposes?

    Note, please stay on topic. This is a thread about the Windows 7 phone OS.
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    May 26, 2011 12:46 AM GMT
    Bump, because I'm considering the same thing - especially given the new "Mango" update, which looks pretty schweet. Although apparently it's not coming out on phones until the fall, I think? Which would make me a sad panda.

    Also, Bing Vision looks awesomesauce.
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    May 26, 2011 3:17 AM GMT
    Currently happy with Android. But prior to my purchase, I was seriously looking to WP7.

    Reasons why I wanted one..
    - Awesome user interface. The Metro UI is underrated. Not sure why people rag on it so much. I guess people are happy with the traditional grid of icons.

    - Live Tiles. Another underrated and under-advertised featured. Instead of launching each of your apps and checking for updates. The Live Tiles update on their own, and you can see everything occurring on the home screen. There's a In Soviet Russia joke in here some where. icon_lol.gif

    - Seamless integration with Office and Outlook email. Probably not a selling point for most people.

    - Zune media player. Another thing people like to rag on. But this is pretty much where the Metro UI came from. Also, if you like music, you can get a Zune Pass. Which is a monthly subscription. But you get to KEEP 10 tracks per month.

    - FM tuner. Yeah, blah blah.. no one listens to the radio any more. But I do. Cool thing is that you can tag songs you hear on the radio, and then buy them from the Zune Marketplace. I'm surprised Apple hasn't implemented this since the itunes store has a larger music catalog.

    Reasons why I didn't get one..
    - Limited release. Only 2 or 3 manufacturers were making these. I wanted to wait until better hardware game out. Also, I wanted to wait until I could get my hands on an unlocked/unbranded model. Seems like all the WP7 handsets were made for specific carriers.

    - No copy/paste. LOL. Not sure what MS was thinking. Maybe they were trying to generate some buzz/drama with this.

    - Limited apps. I'm not totally into apps, but at the time most of the apps in the marketplace were games. I was more interested in productivity apps. Since then the marketplace has grown quite a bit. But still not on par with even the Android market.

    - Unknown status of updates. My previous smartphone was Windows Mobile. It worked fine for me. But being an experienced WinMo user, I was accustomed to MS and phone makers abandoning their phones each year when a newer model came out. I think HTC was the only one that offered software updates. I'm going to wait a little bit for WP7 to see how MS and the phone makers support their products. Honestly, I'd be happy if they offered support/updates for 2 - 3 years.


    Anyways, I'm going to see how Mango turns out. Maybe I'll get the next version of WP7 if the features/hardware are compelling enough,