Who is the "average" MOTD

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    May 26, 2011 9:20 PM GMT
    It's been a boring day at work analyzing sales data ... so I thought I'd turn my attention to analyzing the last 30 MOTD's.

    97% were from the US (29 of 30)
    87% have a face pic as their main profile pic (26 of 30)
    83% had 10 or more public pics (25 of 30) with 17.6 pics being average
    77% have no adult pics (23 of 30) with 0.6 pics the average
    50% have between 1 and 9 private pics with 4.45 pics average. Analysis of private pics to come at another time...

    Average age: 34 years old
    70% were/are single (I thought you found real love after being MOTD?)
    70% consider themselves muscular; 23% defined and 7% are ripped. (Seriously? Muscular, defined, ripped...it's all the same to me!)
    Average height: 5' 10.8"
    Average weight: 181.6 pounds
    Average waist/chest/biceps: 31.5"/41.6"/16.6"

    93% identified themselves as HIV Neg (28 of 30) with two blanks. 90% say they always have safe sex.

    On average, the last 30 MOTD's have 34.5 buddies (highest was 114) and have identified 204.97 profiles as being hot...one MOTD was especially generous finding over 1M profiles worthy of being called "hot".

    100% of the last 30 MOTD's received the highest number of MOTD votes on a particular day.

    Maybe I'll revisit this after the next 30 and see if any real patterns develop.

    Gotta get back to seeing if Witches were stronger than Scarecrows for Halloween and if a Victorian Santa sells better than a Country Santa ... icon_rolleyes.gif
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    May 26, 2011 9:22 PM GMT
    Can you do my taxes next year? lmao.