Remember the guy I mentioned who was being all flaky and seemed like he was using me as a backup plan when he FINALLY did ask to see me a 2nd time?

Well guess what? How about I go to the popular gay joint here in Denver and guess who taps me on the shoulder with the evil smile? Him and he's with somebody. Now...I didn't notice him, he noticed me first we just happened to bump into on the dance floor. I was actually shocked to see him. The dude he was with, I thought to myself...really? I mean you have GOT to be KITTEN ME! Not kidding, KITTEN!

I didn't quite believe what I was seeing, but I ended up telling the guy a few words, we danced for a moment but that was just a ploy for me to tell the other guy, "look...your man was about to have me over his house last night. And obviously here tonight he's showing you utter disrespect" Then, I saw the guy with his hand all wrapped around his waist and we stopped dancing mid-way thru the song. I glanced at them later and they were like all magnetized and shit. Not kissing, but you know how it is when 2 guys at a club are together.

This is why I feel it's important to make occasional nightclub visits while you are involved with any gay man ESPECIALLY if you meet him online. And what made it so funny was, I wasn't even trying to look for him. I didn't even expect to. But that's the thing, you don't. You don't even need to look for it. Online 9 times out of 10 means he's in the club and it will set you free to find out whom and why he's there with this person. There's is only 1 exception to the group of men who go online that don't go to bars. And truth be told they aren't even technically online, They just look online.

But, I didn't let that ruin my night and luckily he was the last person I ran into before the night was over. I was still doing my thing regardless before I ran into him...