Great regulation strikes again. You'd think there were better things they could be doing with their time - but it's quite illustrative of what happens when you let regulators run amok - after all, rabbits are quite the menace that need to be regulated?

During the past several days, I’ve been reporting about “Chasing Rabbits,” the name I’ve given to the case of the USDA assessing John and Judy Dollarhite a fine of $90,643 because the Nixa, Mo., couple sold more than $500 worth of rabbits in a calendar year. Along the way, I came across second-hand details of a similar, but continuous, effort being waged by the federal agency’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Today, I contacted Tim Sonefelt, a South Carolina magician, family entertainer and entrepreneur who broke the story three years ago in the Journal of KIDabra International, The Association of Family and Kid Show Performers, and obtained his permission to reprint it below in much the same fashion as it was published the first time.