I thought that I would post this in a separate thread from the one on google filtering search results. If you are impatient or don't really care what I have to say but want to research for yourself, head over to http://www.startpage.com/ and take a look.

Basically, this is a company that says takes your google search and strips out your information before submitting it to google anonymously. According to the company "Google sees only Startpage, not you. Your IP address is never recorded, your visit is not logged, and no tracking cookies are placed on your browser."

After that, if you are really privacy obsessed you can browse pages by proxy (though some will not allow it.)

I have no proof that there is absolutely no filtering, but after having done research (albeit a few years ago, and into their parent company ixquick) it seems like they actually do what they claim.

If anybody is so inclined, it would be interesting to do an experiment and paste what results it returns for a certain word (I will let anybody who actually want to do this pick the word) and post the results here like the experiment in the video.