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    May 28, 2011 11:31 AM GMT
    Sorry guys, I hate to add to the list of topics like this and beat a dead horse, but I had to come out and say it... I WANT TO EXPERIENCE AT LEAST ONE ENCOUNTER WITH A HOT STR8 GUY. Maybe one of the guys I'M CONSISTENTLY 'CRUSHING' ON!

    I don't know if it's "the grass is always greener on the other side" syndrome, but I have this strong desire to have a straight guy hit on me the way I've read, in so many posts, that other guys here and elsewhere have experienced!

    I've heard many a story about gay guys like myself having locker room experiences (or experiences that were at least *initiated* in the locker room or similar space) where they tell me they, at some point, hooked up with a hot supposedly str8 guy or even some C or D list celebrity.

    I've never had an experience like this. I want one!

    I went to Penn State - A school that seemed to down right encourage guys to become meatheads/bodybuilder types or to at least stay in very good shape with it's massive Greek population, highly promoted intramural/club sports teams (like ZOG) and 5 free gyms and 3 premium/membership gyms... there was a gym in every corner of the campus, some were even in dormitory basements!
    I mean these gyms were like black holes - sucking skinny freshman in (like myself, room and floormates) and spitting hot sophomores out (who became even bigger as years past).

    Needless to say, this bred a mouthwatering sea of hot 'brainiack' muscled "Clark Kent" types prancing around campus... It was pure bliss and agony at the same time, lol. Seriously, it was just ridiculous.
    I would encourage any of you to attend a Penn State football game (as your excuse to visit) and explore the campus before, during and after a game... you've never seen so much jail bait!.. 17-20yo's with bodies like ***Jed Hill*** (who went to PSU and was a friend of mine... imagine *hundreds to thousands* of him walking around. Jed Hill was actually much hotter to me before he became a model and was, believe it or not, more meaty/bearish and 70lbs heavier(!!!) when he was a D1 footballer).

    Every now and then I'd chat online or meet with gay guys on campus or from towns around the campus and their encounters with some of these muscle freaks (they pretty much inspired my gym habits if I were to be quite honest) would come up and be discussed in detail.
    How these guys had these things happen was beyond me because it never happened to me! Not even once!

    I'm not saying I REALLY want(ed) sex with a STR8, I want(ed) sex with a guy like myself... masculine, muscled and, at the time, closeted. I kind of have this fantasy of having me and some really hot closeted guy (like a JED HILL pre-male model carrier) both "discover' that we had the hots for each other... like having one of my str8 crushes come out to me.... and then propose to me, lol.

    Maybe it'd help if I weren't just 20% out (close family members and only my very very closest friends... some of whom were my biggest str8 crushes lol).

    Did any of you have experiences like this back in college or now???
    Guys don't take this too seriously. I don't want to be lectured on why i shouldn't want this (I'm not really all that serious about this).


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    May 28, 2011 11:43 AM GMT
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    May 28, 2011 11:47 AM GMT
    The only straight guy you'll get is one who has a touch of the bi but rounds up to straight. There are some of those guys here. Look through the profiles. Maybe you'll get lucky.

    Other "straight" guy hangouts seem to be Craigslist, highway rest areas and airport bathrooms (the "wide stance," lol). When I lived in Hawaii, I knew a guy who was a building super in Waikiki. He supposedly had great success offering drunk straight guys blow jobs. I don't recommend any of these approaches, though.
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    May 28, 2011 11:52 AM GMT
    Your problem is you aren't sending the right signals to these guys. As you said, you're only a little bit out.

    How often are you hitting on really well-built guys you are not sure are gay?

    How often do you think guys who are less sure of themselves are doing the same thing?

    You have to make it clear you're safe to approach. And given from your profile photos that you're impressively built, you're going to have to make your intentions really clear, 'cause you have this whole awesome/intimidating thing going on.

    You're a fantasy for a lot of guys. You have to make it happen.
  • psustud

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    May 28, 2011 1:01 PM GMT
    thanks for the responses.
    They actually seem pretty consistent.

    I essentially need to be 100% out and very approachable (I think I am) and maybe even make the first move to get what I want.
    I probably won't work on getting guys at truck stops lol.

    ...gotta work on coming out completely! no more 20%, lol
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    Jan 02, 2012 2:44 PM GMT
    I know what youre talking about. I attended PSU from 2006-2009 and there are tons of hot guys. I started to come out to some of my friends and it kinda just got around to others, most didn't say anything about it. However, there were a few guys on the wrestling team and male gymnastics team that were in touch with their bi side. It all has to do with the right situation and the right timing, and its normally a one time thing. Its funny that you mention Jed Hill, one of my friends and I have a huge crush on him. Just like you we liked him more pre-model but he is still hot.
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    Jan 02, 2012 5:37 PM GMT
    You can't have a sexual encounter with a straight guy, end of.
    Only a 'bi-guy'.
    Or if you live in the world of porn: "Broke str8 guys"...