OMG how much life can change with time! And how much of our lives are already planed out? All gifts are welcome.

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    May 31, 2011 6:30 AM GMT
    As I am getting ready to celebrate my 50th Birthday in Hawaii, I can't help but think of my life this time 10 years ago.

    Since 1999 on a May day when my soul mate was to inform me in a few days he would be back home in Russia because his visa was about to expire. He kept this til the last moment not wanting to effect the great joy we had with each other, for just being in the same room as one another.

    One this May day, I was to talk to him about things as they just come to me about my coming birthdays. The first one being of that year 1999. I was to talk about a building being blown up in Moscow around my Birthday and he was like great, then we will be under Marshal laws, and so many of our freedoms, will be lost for a time. In many ways I said the same for the next year. I was to hear on the news around my B'day of 1999, that an apartment building in Moscow had been blown up by Chennai an rebels, Moscow was under marshal law. Almost the same next year but that year when I was to hear it on the news I shot up like lightning, thinking OMG what about next year my 40 th B'day. Because on that May day in 1999, I was to also tell Seb: but then you have my 40th, and he was Oh no please no more for my country, and I was no mate not this time, this time it will be in the USA. Because at the start of this conversation, I was to see a building just fall, and was asked what would do that? Seb was to say a bomb. I was no thats not it. For a moment he become short with me, saying well I don't know.

    Then I was to talk about my 40th B'day and how when I awoke on my 40th B'day the world would of changed, and then I talked about seeing one of the Twin Towers just fall.

    I was to talk about this on a site I visited back then called Vtown, so it's out there in cyberspace. I tryed to warn people but no-one took any notice and I was abused and ridiculed. I even called it world beer day because we would all need a drink.

    I was to even have a meeting with my employers in 2000 because I had just won a case in Equal opportunities, for discrimination and the head was an American named Connie, and we had meting to see how we could work together. These people were pissed I had won, and the first thing to come out of Connie's mouth was "I find you hard to belive you." I was like I'll give you something bloody hard to belive; this was in 2000. I was to tell Connie my 40th B'day was next year, and I will not be celebrating it, because when I awake on my B'day, the world would of changed, and told her about NYC and the Twin Tower I seen fall. She laughed at me saying how dumb, no party no presents, what a silly thing to do, miss out on all those presents. Told her to mark in the diary. I stayed in this job until my 40th B'day had come to pass, and they gave me a lovely payout when I left that they did not have to.

    But I was to also tell everyone. No cards, no gifts, no happy birth day, no cake no nothing; because.......... People thought I was nuts, mean the works.

    But when I was to awake on my 40th B'day, the world had changed and we now call this day 9/11. What I said had come to pass. The day I told Seb way back on that May day in 1999 he, said both good and bad on your day, and the card I got to tell me how he spent my B'day in Moscow, said it was both a good and bad day.

    How things change. now I am getting ready making plans to be in Hawaii for my 50th, and all gifts will be welcome. So when I celebrate my 50th the world will celebrate the tenth anniversary of 9/11. This time around, I will celebrate too, but that of my Birthday.
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    May 31, 2011 6:34 AM GMT
    Funny I was talking about this not long ago at work, and the people I work with believed me, but it upset one of them, because I got. "So you think this makes you Superior then do you." Oh an others insecurities that one may be a better person, than they, never done that, as it's not the first time I've experianced such a thing.. But I find it amusing how I was talking about it, yet none of the worlds religus leaders were.icon_cool.gif But it separates one from many.

    How grief stricken I was back then at Seb being back in Moscow, and so much good in my life like the beautiful home I live in now, we had not long built and moved into. Yet I did not get the joy of it back then, as I do now. I am so at peace with myself, and life 10 years on......Life is good; how much life can change with time, the healing that can take place with time, the blessing we can receive if we wait.
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    Jun 01, 2011 7:47 PM GMT
    Looking Good. The last time I was to try to share and talk about this on RJ, the whole thread turned into one of hate and abuse, to abuse, humiliate, and too degrade one. Why because I was to speak the truth and people did not like it.

    After all that abuse and hate for sharing the truth. I took apart of me away from you guys her at RJ, that really only comes out in private here, and if it does in a thread, it goes over most peoples head.
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    Jun 02, 2011 9:20 PM GMT
    Yes it's true I was the guy, aussie, homosexual who was to first talk about what was to become known as 9/11 the world over way back in may of 1999. When none of our religious leaders said nothing, and were also in a state of shock, on that day in September 2001. Such things have been happening to me since a child, and I used to wonder how I would asses this as an adult. But I'm not sure I'm any the wiser, I just know it happens, yet not sure how.

    I'm sure this is not a new experience to man, thus ponder was it the root of what was to become known as religion, that was to become a repressive political party. But in the dark ages we had know since, and thought the universe revolved around the earth, the world was flat and so on. But even in a world of science, we still have little understanding of haw such things are possible for a person to talk about things yet to come to pass, and the thought insights fear in many?

    It forces one too ponder, how much of our lives may also be planed out for us. Yet we still have the ability by changing that by turning either left or right. The amazing workings of the mind. One spelling may be like shit, yet I have experienced this amazing ability, of the mind.

    The moment Sebastian was to tell me that in a few days time he would be back home in Russia and gone from my life. I was like the most happiest and content I had ever been. The hole in my soul was full; I was complete.

    Then it felt like my being had just fallen into the depth of hell; like so many on 9/11. I was desperate for him to know the story that I had told him, that I knew he would come in 1989, yet did not know he would not come until 1999, nor did I ever want him to go home and forget me, and he never did. I can now breath again.